Wednesday, 22 July 2015

With Glittering Eyes

What is hidden inside my locket? It's a question I get asked all the time and I very rarely take it off so time and time again that tiny piece of rolled up paper comes out from hiding underneath the crescent moon. 

My favourite message from the word wizard Roald Dahl

And above all watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.

I keep it close to my chest so that I never forget. I keep my eyes wide open. 

#withglitteringeyes is something I wanted to start as a way of sharing this. If you're that way inclined and already sharing some of your magic moments on instagram / social media then I encourage you to do the same with me. 

I know that this is not everyones thing, and the best magic moments aren't meant to be shared. They are just for you and if that's the case then even better!  

It's not my hashtag it's Roald's and I'm sure he would love to see it being used for this purpose.

For all the magic you see and how ever you interpret it... whispers from the universe / messages from  God / synchronicity or just very beautiful moments that set your heart a blaze and make you smile.

 What ever your beliefs or views it's yours to interpret how you wish. 

I see most of my magic messages in nature and in the sky, where do you see yours? 


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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Honesty and Hellebores

This post is somewhat of an explanation / apology for all those many months were my blog fell silent. I hope there are some of my old readers still here, still reading? If so then this is for you and thank you!  If you are a new reader then I hope you enjoy this very honest post and learning a little bit more about me.
I remember very clearly one of my the last nights in London was spent having dinner with friends. 
The conversation natually went to that place of "but what are you actually going to do when you get there?"
We had decided to move to the countryside, leaving behind great jobs and great friendships, a life that was nearly Ten years in the making. Obviously everyone around us thought we must have some incredibly secure plan for our new future... We did not!

My reply was along the lines of... "Above all I want to be happy, I want to do something that makes me happy. I want to spend my days in and around nature. Using the skills and knowledge I have already gained and build on them, learn every day and set myself on a path where one day I can genuinely say that I LOVE what I do. Where happiness is priority, not just climbing a career ladder."

Blank faces and mmmhmmm's, led to a silent, unspoken "Yes that is everyones dream, but realistically how are you going to do that!?" " You are giving up EVERYTHING!"

I was trying to convince people who had watched me work incredibly hard at building a successful career in the city, already doing something 'I Loved',  I was also, more than anything, trying to convince myself, because I was very scared! 

So just to reassure them/me, I went on to talk about about a vague plan of " hoping to somehow stay working in styling with vintage and props but perhaps try and get into the wedding industry, and if I could do all that combined with learning and being in and around nature, then that, right there, would be my dream job!" "Plus it all obviously has to happen in and around The New Forest."... No biggie! 

They were still worried, I could tell... They still thought I was crazy, but knowing how blindly optomisitic I am, they decided to humour me and waved us off with concern hidden behind their smiling eyes, probably waiting for us to turn back just before hitting the M25.  

Yes I am blindly optimistic, I always have been so, but my optomism has always lead me to where I needed to be. Plus I am very very stubborn! Once my heart was set on persuing my dream life in the countryside then that was what I was going to do (dragging Craig along for the ride) and it WAS going to work. It had to, I believe that thoughts become things and they always do!

 So there you go, my vague plan/ big dream has manifested itself into my new journey of floral styling and being involved in the weddings at the incredibly beautiful (and inspiring) Deans Court, in Dorset. 

 There is still vintage and styling and there are still props (much more of that to come). 
My Etsy shop, much like this blog, has fallen silent but will be re-opening again in May, and it has all been so that I could focus on my new floral adventure. 

Hence the very botanical turn this blog has taken. Things will be changing a lot around here. There  will probably be less pictures of me in pretty vintage, (which does still happen but I have less time and want to document it), and if honesty really is the flavour of this post then the 'honest truth' is that I'm more likely to be seen in my Barbour jacket than my Edwardian shawl! 

Practicality over prettiness but all in the name of vintage, props and flowers so I guess I can be forgiven? 

The pictures in this post are all taken by me and are dedicated to the heavy headed Hellebore, or 'Winter Rose'. 
A large boat vase arrangement and a Boutineer using Hellebores, plus other delights found in the Deans Court garden and my own. 

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Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Witch's Daughter

I think that in a past life Fredrick Stuart Church climbed up into my dreams and made himself a living out of painting them. 

Witches, Nymph's and Mermaids depicted as long haired beauties, surrounded by their equals in the animal kingdom... Exactly as it should be. 

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Tuesday, 24 March 2015


In the days when the gods walked upon earth, Venus the goddess of Love and Beauty was at play with her son Cupid, when she was slightly wounded by one of his arrows. 
As they returned from their games on the outskirts of the forest, the hunt passed them by, for in those days all brave men were such great hunters. The bravest of these was the handsome Adonis, and when Venus, smitten by the shaft of Cupid saw the fine young god, she straightway fell ardently in love with him. 
Knowing Adonis' reckless passion for hunting, the goddess councilled him to beware of the wild beasts of the forest; but he was far too keen a hunter to heed such a warning.
One day in the heat of the chase, he pensrated deep into the forest, far ahead of his companions, and was attacked and killed by a wild boar before they could come to his aid and rescue him.
Venus, hearing of his death, mounted her chariot drawn by doves, and hurried to the forest. Kneeling by the dead body of her beloved, her golden tresses unbound, her matchless countenance buried in her white hands she was lost in grief. 
Beyond lay the grizzly bulk of the dead boar, his terrible tusks glittering white in the dusk as evening drew on. 
At last Venus roused herself and cried out: "Oh! Adonis, each year you shall return to the earth, that all mankind may delight in you and remember your prowess."
Where Adonis had fallen there sprang up drifts of anemones, nodding in the evening breeze, carpeting the woodlands in remembrance of the fearless young hunter. 

Anemones all from the Deans Court garden. 

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Monday, 14 July 2014


"A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in-what more could he ask for? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars. ~ Victor Hugo

Mottisfont Rose garden... too beautiful for words! 

Photos by Craig
I am wearing: 1920's Kimono} Rivers & Roses 1910's Hat} Lorrel Mae Green Dress} Peacocks

Head on over to the shop for a floral/ botanical themed update and sending lots of Monday love your way.

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Monday, 16 June 2014

For what it's worth...

'For what it's worth: it's never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you're proud of, and if you find you're not, I hope you have the strength to start over again." 

F.Scott Fitzgerald. 

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Furzey Gardens

We visited Furzey gardens and their fairy folk. 

Photos by Craig and myself

We went to see the famous colours of their Azalea season and got completely distracted searching for their Fairy doors, the ' Fairy ferry Company' (above) was my favourite (for obvious reasons), and we were super excited to find the fairy chapel, hidden inside an ('out of bounds') Azalea canopy... Sometimes it pays to be nosey. 

Furzey gardens are a registered charity who do amazing work helping people with Learning Disabilities to learn about the gardens and gain work experience. 
It really is such a special and enchanting place and needs lot's of support from visitors, so if you are planning on coming to the the New Forest make sure you add them into your visit. It's perfect for the little ones and the not so little ones (like us). 
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I am wearing: 
Edwardian Night Dress} Vintage fair ~1940's Hat} Beyond Retro
Vintage Boots } Lipped Love ~ Basket Bag} Car Boot

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