Sunday, 4 October 2015

The Seasons

Inspired by 'Autumn' from Alphonse Mucha's 'The Seasons' after a visit to The Russell Cotes museum to see her in real life. 

Wednesday, 30 September 2015


"When I look into the eyes of an animal I do not see an animal. 
I see a living being. 
I see a friend
I feel a soul." 

~ A.D Williams

I have a favourite Vernon Ward print in our kitchen, it sparks off day dreams and wistfulness over breakfast. 
 The best part about the print is the almost worn away lettering hidden on the back...  

The other morning I came face to face with that enchanted glade. A Doe and her two Bambi's.

I always see deer when i'm doubting myself, they're a personal reminder that senstivity is a gift, to always trust my intuition and that gentleness is THE truest strength. 

Have you ever had any special animal sightings?

Photo taken at Farrs Meadow

Saturday, 29 August 2015

Just The Things Which No One Can See

The most wonderful and strongest things in the world, you know, are just the things which no one can see.

 Charles Kingsley, The Water Babies

Pay attention to your dreams, look inwards, listen to your intuition and search for the things unseen. 

For more information on this potent full moon in Pisces visit Mystic Mamma. 

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Gypsy Wagon - Farrs Meadow

The moon over Farrs Meadow. 

You may have already read my love letter to this magical place in my last post
Nature, flowers, wild swimming and goats are just a few of the things that make camping here so special.
THEN they went and added a Bow-top wagon into the equation, and that right there means true love (and great difficulty getting me to leave). 

Complete with a comfy double bed (and room for little ones underneath), a gas cooker and a pot belly stove, I did feel that we were cheating with such luxury. 

Sadly there is no horse for your wagon, but maybe that's coming up next (David and Luds?), and really there is no need to move on. 

The wagon (don't let the gypsies hear you say caravan), has been handmade in Dorset and is parked up next to one of the most beautiful spots to watch the sun go down over Pamphill. You are also convienently situated just across from where David makes his delicious wood fired pizza.

Sit down at trestle tables decorated with wild flower arrangements, enjoy your pizza dinner and watch the sunset!

 For a more detailed description of Farrs Meadow visit my last post here

For booking, more information and a chance to meet the lovely David and Luds, visit their website here.

~ Eat pizza, make friends, shower in a horse box, count the bats, meet the goats, light the fire pit and gaze at the stars.~

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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Farrs Meadow

Glow worms, roses, goat walks, wild flowers, deer sightings, river swimming, soaring buzzards, and magic sunsets... summer at Farrs Meadow. 
I am under no illusion that I overuse the word magic, but in this case I can not think of better way to describe this special place.
The definition of magic: 'beautiful and delightful in a way that seems removed from everyday life', to me that is Farrs Meadow and we all need to be removed from everyday life every once in a while. 
Just outside of Wimborne in Dorset, perched up on a hill overlooking the breathtaking Stour Valley, surrounded by Elders and antient Oak trees, the meadow is now home to a converted stable, yurts and a gypsy caravan nestled in amongst an abundance of wildlife including my two best boys Bernard & Boris (the goats).
Positioned just minutes away from the River Stour's wild swimming spot at Eye Bridge and a short walk across fields to the fairytale thatched hamlet of Pamphill and it's famous little pub
David and Luds are the lovely owners who have cleverly converted horse boxes into hot showers and compost toilets. They will deliver your luggage by quad bike and make you pizza in their wood oven on wheels. 
All of these pictures are from a beautiful weekend away with Kate for summer solstice, a perfect place to celebrate nature and the longest day. 

We stayed in Kate's bell tent but you can have the choice of bringing your own tent or staying in one of their more luxurious options, including the beautiful bowtop gypsy caravan which I will introduce you to in my next post. 

To find out more about camping at Farrs Meadow visit their website here or follow them on Facebook and Instagram

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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

With Glittering Eyes

What is hidden inside my locket? It's a question I get asked all the time and I very rarely take it off so time and time again that tiny piece of rolled up paper comes out from hiding underneath the crescent moon. 

My favourite message from the word wizard Roald Dahl

And above all watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don't believe in magic will never find it.

I keep it close to my chest so that I never forget. I keep my eyes wide open. 

#withglitteringeyes is something I wanted to start as a way of sharing this. If you're that way inclined and already sharing some of your magic moments on instagram / social media then I encourage you to do the same with me. 

I know that this is not everyones thing, and the best magic moments aren't meant to be shared. They are just for you and if that's the case then even better!  

It's not my hashtag it's Roald's and I'm sure he would love to see it being used for this purpose.

For all the magic you see and how ever you interpret it... whispers from the universe / messages from  God / synchronicity or just very beautiful moments that set your heart a blaze and make you smile.

 What ever your beliefs or views it's yours to interpret how you wish. 

I see most of my magic messages in nature and in the sky, where do you see yours? 


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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Honesty and Hellebores

This post is somewhat of an explanation / apology for all those many months were my blog fell silent. I hope there are some of my old readers still here, still reading? If so then this is for you and thank you!  If you are a new reader then I hope you enjoy this very honest post and learning a little bit more about me.
I remember very clearly one of my the last nights in London was spent having dinner with friends. 
The conversation natually went to that place of "but what are you actually going to do when you get there?"
We had decided to move to the countryside, leaving behind great jobs and great friendships, a life that was nearly Ten years in the making. Obviously everyone around us thought we must have some incredibly secure plan for our new future... We did not!

My reply was along the lines of... "Above all I want to be happy, I want to do something that makes me happy. I want to spend my days in and around nature. Using the skills and knowledge I have already gained and build on them, learn every day and set myself on a path where one day I can genuinely say that I LOVE what I do. Where happiness is priority, not just climbing a career ladder."

Blank faces and mmmhmmm's, led to a silent, unspoken "Yes that is everyones dream, but realistically how are you going to do that!?" " You are giving up EVERYTHING!"

I was trying to convince people who had watched me work incredibly hard at building a successful career in the city, already doing something 'I Loved',  I was also, more than anything, trying to convince myself, because I was very scared! 

So just to reassure them/me, I went on to talk about about a vague plan of " hoping to somehow stay working in styling with vintage and props but perhaps try and get into the wedding industry, and if I could do all that combined with learning and being in and around nature, then that, right there, would be my dream job!" "Plus it all obviously has to happen in and around The New Forest."... No biggie! 

They were still worried, I could tell... They still thought I was crazy, but knowing how blindly optomisitic I am, they decided to humour me and waved us off with concern hidden behind their smiling eyes, probably waiting for us to turn back just before hitting the M25.  

Yes I am blindly optimistic, I always have been so, but my optomism has always lead me to where I needed to be. Plus I am very very stubborn! Once my heart was set on persuing my dream life in the countryside then that was what I was going to do (dragging Craig along for the ride) and it WAS going to work. It had to, I believe that thoughts become things and they always do!

 So there you go, my vague plan/ big dream has manifested itself into my new journey of floral styling and being involved in the weddings at the incredibly beautiful (and inspiring) Deans Court, in Dorset. 

 There is still vintage and styling and there are still props (much more of that to come). 
My Etsy shop, much like this blog, has fallen silent but will be re-opening again in May, and it has all been so that I could focus on my new floral adventure. 

Hence the very botanical turn this blog has taken. Things will be changing a lot around here. There  will probably be less pictures of me in pretty vintage, (which does still happen but I have less time and want to document it), and if honesty really is the flavour of this post then the 'honest truth' is that I'm more likely to be seen in my Barbour jacket than my Edwardian shawl! 

Practicality over prettiness but all in the name of vintage, props and flowers so I guess I can be forgiven? 

The pictures in this post are all taken by me and are dedicated to the heavy headed Hellebore, or 'Winter Rose'. 
A large boat vase arrangement and a Boutineer using Hellebores, plus other delights found in the Deans Court garden and my own. 

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