Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Beyond Retro Dalston, Christmas Windows and Drapers magazine


Details of our Dalston store. I have been meaning to post these since I worked on the opening of it in September.



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This is Kristofj Von Strass! He heads the Creative department at Beyond Retro and is a very talented man.


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This is me in action.

We take our jobs very seriously!
From left: Me, Charlie (our new VM at the Dalston store), Kristofj.
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The Daltson store brought us our very first Beyond Retro windows and a cafe! With that, came a new position and a lot more responsibilty for me. Among other things I am now in charge of sourcing and making all the props for our themes, which as you can imagine puts me in my element!


As promised, here are the Beyond Retro Christmas windows residing at the Dalston branch. Apologies for the poor quality of the pictures as they were taken on my phone.

My 1950's pink hood hair dryer is making a guest appearance as I loaned it for the theme.


A Christmas dream came true for me when we were included in a feature on the top 10 Chrismas windows by Drapers magazine! We were in amongst the industry's best and my personal favourites Harvey Nichols, Liberty, Selfridges and Fortnum and Mason!

A picture of our Cheshire street store was featured and they rated our Christmas theme 7/10, scoring only one point less than Liberty.

" The Beyond Retro Windows are playful and kitsch and true to the stores vintage identity. The window is brought to life as the mannequins are transported to 1950's-style Christmas scenarios with a string sense of humour."

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In the same week the Dalston store was also visited by Rihanna and as most of you already know, I love her!

Thankfully I was there that day, but I didn't speak to her, I was too shy. I just hovered around in the hope that she would need my assistance, but alas it was not meant to be. I saw her in concert last Tuesday and that teamed with her visit and the Drapers review has made a very happy ending to my 2011.


  1. the window displays are spectacular. Really they are brilliant. I cant believe Rihanna made an appearance at the store! I would have been too shy to speak to her too but still thats wicked cool.

  2. I was just at Fortnum & Mason yesterday - those windows are divine! I'm so impressed and so pleased for you that you got in the magazine alongside them and other greats. And have been in both the Brick Lane and Soho stores over the past week - loving the new black and white displays.

  3. Thank you SO much Miss Marie. I'm so happy that you have visited the store and have seen the new theme,I'm sad I missed you. I work at all three stores but after changing the Soho store I had to go over to Dalston for the week to change the windows. If you are ever in and you spot me make sure you say HI, it would be lovely to meet you. x

  4. Bravo for you - with the windows AND with Rhiannon's visit. It's a happy thing to just be in a nearby space to someone you admire, without having to come up with something to actually say. The windows do look fun and creative and inviting.


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