Sunday, 8 January 2012

Treasure: 1937 Coronation Souvenir Book


When I went home at Christmas I had a quick hunt round the Charity shops. This is one of my prise finds. A first addition 1937 Coronation Souvenir Book. It was only £3.50, I kid you not!



It is in pristine condition, so thank you Edith Pilkington I promise to do my best to keep it that way.



It couldn't have found it at a better time as i'm a little obsessed with Wallis Simpson and am eagerly awaiting the release of W.E. From what I can see the sets and costumes look fantastic but the reviews are not looking promising.

Picnik collage

The book has a detailed descriptions of the Coronation and Abdication of Edward VIII, it then leads on to the Coronation of his brother King George VI.
It is beautifully illustrated and I especially love all the pictures of Wallis Simpson and the young Queen Mother.



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I am very excited for the Diamond Jubilee in June, it is a very special celebration as the only other British monarch to celebrate one was Queen Victoria in 1897!

I Hope you have all had lovely weekends.


  1. What a truly wonderful and historical find.

  2. My parents were married in 1938, Kelly-Marie. Yours is a marvelous find and for such a modest price! Congratulations, dear friend!

  3. OMG,what a wonderful find!And so pristine!!!
    I'm rather Royally obsessed,and rather royally jealous of this!!!
    I will be wetting myself come Dianond Jubilee time.Might have to have a partay....that would be fun!
    Gagging to see W.E., wouldn't be surprised if we don't get it on the big screen here,though.The shorts for it look amazing!

  4. Wow! That is amazing! Well jealous.

    Problem I'm forseeing with W.E. is that the modern day side of the story will probably be terrible, I just want to see a good biopic of the Windsors. We shall see though.

  5. I ALSO LOVE WALLIS! How fab was her wardrobe? And her dogs? I can't wait, either.

  6. Tom: Wow that's cool, I bet your Mu had a beautiful 1930's wedding dress. I one day hope to get married in a dress of the same era.

    Helga: I am rather Royally obsessed too. :) You should deffo have a party. I might try and have one too but not many of my friends are as Royally minded as me. :D

    Ben: Yeah I completley agree with you. I'm glad they have used the secret letters as a base for the story but the modern part looks awful. Did you watch the BBC documentary on the secret letters of Wallis Simpson? It was really good.

    Miss Tallulah: I KNOW, she was so amazing! A dog lover and one of the best dressed women in history. Have you seen 'Any Human Heart'? Gillian Anderson plays her and the costumes are wonderful. xx

  7. Envy does not cover it. I don't know if I want to pinch you for finding it for £3.50 or kiss you for sharing it. I think I shall go for the latter :)

    I am trying very hard to ignore all the big movie reviews - like I always do - I like to try and make my own mind up on face value. Angela Riseborough is a fine actress, so I am sure she shall pull it off. Depends on the writing I guess...

  8. Landgirl1980: Ha i'm glad you decided to give me a kiss, but wouldn't bame you for the pinch. I had to pinch myself when I saw the price. :)

  9. Amazing find! What an absolute gem. Hmm, I spontaneously bought myself a Royal Wedding stamp collection with little booklet when I was buying one for my grandmother, and then immediately thought that I was a bit bonkers for doing so. But now it's nice to think that in 70 or so years time some young lady will find it in a charity shop and be tickled pink by it. I'll have to make sure to get the collectors stamps for the Jubilee as well!

  10. What an absolutely stunning find - doesn't it make one wonder about Edith Pilkington and the life she lived?

  11. Miss Marie: Aww what a lovely way to put it. :) You are not bonkers at all, I wish I had thought to do the same. I was pretty excited about my Royal Wedding Oyster card holder though. :)

    Rosalind: It certainly does. I always look through all the names written inside the old books in my local Oxfam book shop. They often all get donated together so you can find a few that belonged to the same person. They once had a whole collection of Marine and Royal Navy books donated by a retired Navy Officer who had fought in WW2, he donated around 30 books. I tend to get a little carried away and sentimental about the books previous owners. x

  12. Rosalind and Kelly-Marie: I remember reading that having someone's name or dedication in the front of a book actually brings down the value of an antique book. I found that absolutely astounding because for me, like you both, that makes it so much more valuable and interesting!

  13. WoW! What a great find! This kind of story of finding such a treasure for a pittance gets my heart racing! Thanks for sharing all the photos, I reallly enjoyed them all! May more great finds be in your near future. ♥

  14. Wauw, so beautiful.. Lucky girl! Stunning pictures.

  15. Such a great find! Those long velvet ermine-trimmed capes are gorgeous, and I absolutely LOVE that fabulous gold top in your previous post! =)

  16. What a treasure! it is gorgeous, I am definitely going to watch the film just for the costumes really x

  17. Wow what a great story. I had never heard of Wallis Simpson before but now I cant wait for the movie. Im certainly intrigued!

  18. Also looking forward to the Jubilee celebrations. Awesome souvenir and some great photos. Did you watch the recent 2-part BBC documentary on King George & Queen Mary?

  19. Rehan: No I missed it. :( I'm really bad at catching up with BBC I player and when ever I go to watch anything it has already finished. I'll check to see if it's still up there. Thanks.

  20. ihave one of these in exellent condition open to realistic offers


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