Sunday, 12 February 2012

How Strange the Moon seems: Salome (1923)


On Thursday Craig and I went to see a very special screening of Natacha Rambova's version of Oscar Wildes Salome at the Southbank Centre.


Picnik collage

The Sound Affairs percussionist's played in a purpose built set surrounding the cinema screen and the whole theatre smelt of burning incense, it created such a wonderful atmostphere.

The film is weird and wonderful, Natasha Rambova's Sets and Costumes were based on Aubrey Beardsleys illustrations and they are breathtaking. The film is short and intense but the whole experience teamed with the music and the surroundings was amazing.

Alla Nazimova makes a perfect Salome and I was absolutely fascinated by the way that she moved and her facial expressions are pretty terrifying too. I can now see why Lady Gaga was inspired by her for her Monsterball art work. She made the perfect devilish beauty.





Picnik collage1


You can see footage of the set and the film on the sound affairs website here.

When we emerged from the theatre we were greeted by snow fall. I had never experienced snow by the river before. It was magical and the perfect end to a lovely evening.

Pics 014

Pics 022

Pics 012

Pics 035

I am generally a little fascinated by Salome. I promise you i'm not a murderous femme fatale in the making! Just a little in love with the different ways she has been visually portrayed over the years. Those of you that are familiar with the Theda Bara Salome will know what i'm talking about, those costumes...oh my!

You can see more Salome visuals on my Pinterest page here. I havent seen the Rita Hayworth verision yet but it looks like it's going to be a costume feast for the eyes.Have any of you seen it?

I am wearing:

1940's coat with tiered shoulders & fur stole: Beyond Retro
Necklace worn as a head dress: Charity shop
1920's flowers ( In my hair) : Porte De Clingnancourt market
Bindi (worn as beauty spot): Beyond Retro

Craig is wearing:

Pea coat & scarf: Beyond Retro
Hat: Uniqlo

Hope you all have a lovely week
Kelly-Marie xx


  1. I have not seen any of the Salome films think I may have seen the Rita version years ago, but am definitely intrigued now. You look simply beautiful that coat looks amazing I want to see it full length! x

  2. Looks and sounds like an amazing night's entertainment. I have to confess to not having seen any of the film versions of Salome but you're tempting me to amend that...

    The snowy pictures are lovely too. Happy to see the Shell Mex Building (the one with the big clock...) in there - it's a contender for my favourite Thames-side building so it pleases me to see it under snowfall! And that last picture of you is just too lovely and adorable!

    1. Thank you. :) I knew that you of all people would appreciate that view. The shell Mex building is one of my favourites too and it was so wonderful in the snow because of the lights and the colour of the sky. Well worth freezing our butts off to stand a little longer and take in the view. x

  3. You always give me a vicarious thrill, Kelly-Marie. Those are incredible screen images and you described a wonderful night at the theater. I am also impressed by the atmospheric shots taken of you and Craig in the snow along the river. Have a safe and happy week, dear friend!

  4. This is a favourite of mine. Like Beardsley's drawings come to life. You look exquisite!!

  5. I didn't realize Gaga had been inspired by this, but I DID recall the Smashing Pumpkins gesturing in a similar direction in this video:

    1. Wow that video's amazing! Yeah it has to have been inspired by the film, their Salome is a beauty too.
      There lot's of Lady Gaga and Alla Nazimova comparisons but I don't think she has ever officially admitted to having been inspired by her. I think it's probably Nicola Formichetti's handy work.

  6. That version of the film is incredible- I saw it at the BFI a few years ago with a live, original soundtrack by Bishi-it was absolutely brilliant.Costumes and headpieces brilliant-and all the sets inspired by Aubrey Beardsley's work-genius.

    1. Oh wow I would have loved to see it with Bishi, that would have have been AMAZING. Was that the festival when The Broken Hearts did a live DJ score too? I was supposed to go and see theirs but couldnt go in the end. REGRET. x

  7. Wow, I haven't seen anything Salome in waaaaay too long. I barely remember anything about it. I'm going to have to rectify that. You do an amazing job of bringing the glamour of the past to the present. I was just saying yesterday, how rarely I see someone in person who manages to create something I find "special" style wise. Where I live, it seems to be a challenge to find materials for it. You however, have completely mastered it. It's fantastic.

  8. Wow! What a treat! Gah! I studied silent film and Theda Bara makes the perfect Salome, Rita's version is good but the images you posted remind me of how perfect and stylish and oh, just how wonderful the visuals are! My eye's want to see it again NOW! I love Theda Bara, what a naughty inspiring woman! I love going to special nights! Especially movie specials! You look amazing! All snuggled! And what a perfect way to end the evening! I am so jealous of everyone's snow! Have a perfect weekend! Zoë xxx

    1. Zoe, I know Theda Bara is THE BEST, so naughty and what a unusual beauty. I love her.
      Yay you have to watch it again now and i'm very happy that I have inspired you to do so. I knew that you of all would love it too ( of course). :)
      Don't worry our snow has all melted now, but spring looks to be on the way which makes me a very very happy lady.
      Weekend love to you xxx

  9. You just described a beautiful and magical evening in words and pictures! You and Craig made it happen.

  10. The moon is my face. Read me when the moon is out.

    There is a theory whether the severed head was even that of John the Baptist. Was it Wilde that first developed the idea of Salome’s Dance of the 7 Veils? If so, he must have got it from Islamic story of Joseph and Potiphar’s wife Zuleikha who performed a Dance of the 7 Veils too in the Islamic books of lore that relate this story and pre-date Wilde’s Salome. The dance is mentioned in the Bible but not the 7 veils. That still comes from near eastern myths of Ishtar and the like. I still haven’t located the exact sources but I suspect Wilde was the first to transpose these into English.

  11. Yeah I think it was because he was the first person to portray her as a femme fatale type character, the dancing came from King Herod's lust for her. Oh wow I want to read that story if that's the case. It's really amazing that he would have been the first person to transpose it into English, he must have done so much research. Especially as he first wrote the play in French and then trasnlated it back into English too. What a man!


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