Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Lovely Lincoln


Last weekend we went to stay with Craigs Mum and Step Dad in a tiny village close to the city of Lincoln.

Rather than bombarding you with pictures of us galavanting in the country side ( i'll save that for the next post) I thought I would share some lovely vintage with you instead.


There is a very steep and cobbled hill in Lincoln City centre that is lined with beautiful little tearooms, sweet shops, boutiques and antique shops.
It was here that we found the wonderful 'Tasty Vintage'. I am annoyed with myself for not getting a picture of the outside of the building as it is housed in a beautiful old shop with all it's original facade. You can see a picture of it on their website here.




As you can tell from my pictures everything in this shop is so beautifully displayed. They had and amazing selection of clothing, accessories and homewares. If you can't make it to Lincoln you should have a look at their website as they sell things online too.

Lincolnvintage 28




They very kindly let me have a look at their wedding shop which is usually by appointment only.
This was pretty dangerous for me as I have a huge soft spot for anything to do with vintage weddings. I have a growing collection of veils and accessories and I now have a couple of cheeky dresses stashed away too. One of which I think is probably 'the one' so it has been hidden away from Craig.
I think I probably could have picked about Ten of ' the one' dresses in this shop!






This wax flower tiara should have come home with me but I had run out of money!
:( Craig's mum has very kindly said she will go back and get it for me when I next get paid, then I can fufill my dream of looking like a chorus girl from The Great Ziegfeld.


Lincoln also has a very impressive collection of charity shops. My favourite was The St Barnabus. They have very cleverly created ' The Attic' which is basically a vintage shop within the charity shop. Anything vintage goes upstairs where it is beautifully displayed together for your shopping pleasure.




I met the lovely Rachael Marian who runs 'The Attic' she also has a blog and you can visit it here.

I have photographed some of my Lincoln treasure for you to see.

lincoln treasure5

Victorian star brooch from a small Antique shop on the steep hill. I want to get a selection of these to wear together in my hair.

Lincoln Treasure9
1930's fire screen ( photographed in my bedroom) from The Attic.

The pictures don't really do the lovely screen lady justice, it makes me want to live in the painting with her. Her dress, the Roses the Moon, her fan and the colours are perfect. She fits right in.

Pearl earrings from the same Antique shop as above.


1950's flower crown from Mr Bojangles Vintage

lincoln treasure7

Both the broach and earrings were a present from Craig's lovely Mum, thank you Jane!

Lincoln is a beautiful City with so much amazing History. The Vintage and Antiques are only really a bonus. I can't wait to visit again, have any of you been before? Any good recommendations for our next visit?


  1. What a lovely post! I'm pleased you enjoyed your visit to Lincoln, come and see us again when you next come!
    Thanks also for the link :)
    In the not too distant future there will be a new shiny blog especially for the shop, so I shall be sure to link you to it x

    1. Thank you Rachael, I definitely will come say hi. That's so excited that you will have a blog for the shop, yes please let me know when it's up and running as I would love to have a read. I wanted to buy everything. :) x

  2. Thanks so much for sharing these beautiful pics with us, I'm from the border with Lincolnshire so I'm now inspired to go and explore with the help of all your recommendations. And I particularly love the star brooch, I'm going to keep my eyes open for one for myself! xx

  3. Lincoln is such a nice place, I live in Grantham which has nothing interesting, so I get to go to Lincoln regularly to look at things... and that vintage shop is amazing, I always stop by!

  4. Oh, Lincoln IS lovely, and these pictures of yours are entirely lovely (as always). Those earrings are beautiful - what a great find.

    I've been to Lincoln twice but both times for research so I've spent the whole day in archives only to come out and find all the delicious-looking shops shut! Although I was still able to wander the streets and look in the cathedral (, I'm determined to get back there one day for a proper exploration and visit their shops.

  5. What beautiful things you bought on your trip. I grew up close to Lincoln, so it's always nice to see it being praised! Next time you're in the Shire you should check out Hemswell Antiques ( Apparently the largest antique centre in Europe, it's great for collectables of all kinds: I've bought books, ceramics, dresses from there on previous visits and is always interesting for a rummage.

  6. I have not been to Lincoln for years! it seems I need to go back now. What delightful finds, that flower crown is going to look perfect on you and those earrings and star oh my I am a little green with envy my lovely, cannot wait to see you wearing it all! xxx

  7. So much loveliness it's almost overwhelming!
    Your purchases are swoon worthy!X

  8. I just discovered your blog! I love your taste and photos. Just wonderful. x

  9. I think I'm in love with this place. Everything about the vintage weddings are perfect so I can understand your obsession. (I can't wait to se YOUR wedding photos though, they'll be so amazing I'm sure of that.) Beautiful findings, I'd love to spend hours in that shop.

    Looking forward to the country photos!

  10. i love the intricacies and the intimacies of the luxurious fabrics you captured, so beautiful.

    wish i could visit!

  11. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh The fire screen!!!!! And the hat with the rose!!

  12. I'm sp jealous of the fire screen!! The earring you got are also stunning. I'm definitely with you on the vintage wedding obsession. My tutor has some 1920s wedding shoes, stockings and gloves that she rescued from a carboot sale and every time she gets them out I have to fight the urge to run away with them :/ x


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