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Photo's taken by Craig on the steps of The Aldwych Theatre, London.

I am wearing:
1930's velvet coat~1940's Rayon dress~ 1920's Art Deco bag} Beyond Retro
Antique 1860's Wax flower, French Wedding Headdress} Ebay
1920's style shoes} Office
1970's, 20's style Coral coloured beads} Charity shop

Here is a long over due outfit post for you. I wore this outift not once but twice (shock horror!) in the space of a week. Mostly because it is one of my favourites, but I was also in the middle of packing up all my clothes so why not!?.

Antique wedding Headdress13
It was my Birthday at the beginning of December and Craig took me for afternoon tea in the beautiful Art Deco Palm Court inside London's Park Lane hotel.
Antique wedding Headdress14 
We were sat right next to the harp, for our own personal serenade.
It is a really great place to go if you want a more relaxed afternoon tea. It isn't as special and upmarket as The Claridges experience but it comes without all the formality's so if you want a more casual, chilled out affair it is a good place to go.
Antique wedding Headdress12 
Palm Court Collage
Earlier on in the week I had been taken on a magical mystery tour by three of my best friends. It was a joint Birthday/ Leaving London celebration and it is safe to say that the tears were flowing!
 I had no idea where we were headed to and was surprised with a beautiful Breakfast at Dishoom followed by a Matinee at The Old Vic Theatre.
Dishoom Collage
Cocktails for breakfast, yes please! My three beautiful hosts: Liz, Ava and Sabrina
Old Vic Collage
Photo's from my Instagram: @aharemofpeacocks
They are three of the most thoughtful, kind and beautiful ladies I know and I feel so lucky to call them my friends. Now that I am not in London, more than ever I am so grateful for the amazing people I met there. I love you ladies so much.

I have linked their blogs above so go and take a look as they are all ever so talented.

We moved out of London on 12,12,12, which held so much personal significance to us. We are now in The New Forest and moving here means lot's of brave steps and new beginnings for both of us. We are really looking forward to spending NYE in such a magical place, that we now call our home.

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and wishing you a very Happy New Year. See you in 2013. 
Love Kelly-Marie xx


  1. Absolutely stunning ensemble my dear. Everything about it is making me drool. Plus your hair is positively fairytale like. Good luck with your new adventures in the new year, very eager to hear what you have planned! xxx

  2. I love that head dress!!

    Lucille xx.

  3. Your outfit is so truly magical Kelly-Marie!!! Adore, as usual. The headpiece has me completely weak at the knees. Glad to see you had a great birthday, and I can't wait to see photos and hear stories of your new adventures in 2013! xoxo

  4. Beautiful outfit, elegant writing, decadent blog~♡


  5. OMG I LOVE YOUR OUTFIT! I definitely browsed through your blog, it's pretty interesting. I hope you can check out my site:// and join if you can be so kind. God bless, hope to see joining to soon !


  6. Best of luck and loving your look as always xx

  7. You always have the most beautiful headwear x

  8. The land where the ponies run free sounds like such a fairytale, I'm so happy for you!

  9. I would wear it every day!!!! *SCHERWOOOOON!*

    I love the new forest - one of the bestest places :o)

  10. Your Park Lane Hotel outfit is absolutely stunning, and I love that beautiful bag.

    But I didn't realise you were moving out of London! I must have missed a vital post... Hope you enjoy life down in the New Forest - I suppose it's not too far away, whenever you feel the need to visits your friends and the other delights of London. Hope you have a wonderful New Year in your new home xx

  11. Great outfit, love your hair as always and that headdress, good luck with your new life,
    wish you a delicious 2013, look forward to reading your blog in the new year,

  12. What a divine ensemble you're wearing Kelly-Marie, you look totally gorgeous in it, and so happy too! The perfect enchanting outfit to wear to somewhere so beautiful. Hope you had a wonderful birthday and a lovely snuggly christmas too.

    My partner and I moved out of London just over 5 years ago, to the wilds of Devon. I miss my London friends of course, but I can honestly say we don't miss London or city life at all. May your move herald in wonderful new opportunities for you both and many happy times in your new home.

  13. You're looking like a goddess again. Absolutely amazing! This headpiece is awesome.

  14. your head piece is AMAZING! You look beautiful, beautiful place... Happy New Year!

  15. Beautiful outfit, as always. The bag is exquisite!
    Good luck with the clothes packing xx

  16. Holding back the tears! You look absolutely stunning in every photo Kelly-Marie! I miss you so much already, but 2013 is going to be amazing. x X x

  17. I am seriously drooling over your outfit Kelly-Marie! I don't blame you for wanting to wear it more than once. Your headpiece reminds me of Jennifer Connolly's at the beginning of Labyrinth! Happy Birthday again and I hope you're settling in well to your new home, I really can't wait to hear how you got on moving, I'm sure it's a big adjustment to make leaving London! I hope you and Craig had a wonderful Christmas!

    Emma x

  18. I adore your sense of style Kelly-Marie!:)

  19. I am so so so in love with that head piece! (I literally just spent about 10 minutes admiring it, such a beauty!!) <3

    Lost in the Haze: a Fashion Photography Blog

  20. Exquisite photographs as always capturing the magical moments of life! Wishing you and Craig the most joyous, fulfilling and prosperous 2013 in your new home.

  21. You look stunning hun! The details are gorgeous especially your shoes and handbag


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