Friday, 21 December 2012

The BG Follies of 2012

This year my Christmas Inspiration post comes in the form of the Bergdorf Goodman's absolutely magical 2012 Christmas Windows. 
Inspired by so many of my own personal loves, 1920's Jazz Age decadence, Vaundeville, Busby Berkeley and The Ziegfeld Follies and they used the main Fifth Avenue windows to create Five Captivating 'Acts' which you can read more about here. Beauty and brains! 
I have also included images from the 57th and 58th street windows which are just as incredible and include my favourite... The lady and her Walrus beau. 
Photo's found herehere and here 
All the minature showgirls seen in the ActIII window are actual beautiful Antique display mannequins that the creative team dressed and transformed into Follies and you can see them making their set in the picture below.
Behind the scenes pictures by The Coveteur found on Fiftylimited.

When it comes to Windows, for me Bergdorf Goodman can do no wrong. They really are the Royalty of the window world, magical, captivating and creatively so impessive as the team appear to make everything themselves. You can see some of the Christmas prop making in this behind the scenes video by The Coveteur.

I am sorry to say that I have never had the pleasure of seeing Bergdorfs in person but i'm hoping that will change in 2013. 

I hope you are all getting excited for Christmas. Do you have any favourite Christmas windows from this year? 
Kelly-Marie xx


  1. Beautiful displays! I wish I could live in them. Alas I have not seen any exciting windows this year, do most of my shopping on eBay aha. Have an amazing Christmas beautiful lady xxxx

  2. Wow how amazing are those displays! Totally inspiring!

  3. Excuse me while I collect my wits, what did I just see?! Amazing!! Beats Fortnum and Mason hollow, and I lost my marbles over their display. I pass F&M most days, and can't walk by without pressing my nose against their windows.

    Ruby xx

  4. But soft, what light forth yonder window breakes?
    It is the East, and Juliet is the Sunne,
    Arise faire S nne, and kill the enuious Moone
    That is alreadie sicke and pale with griefe:
    That thou her maid, art far more faire than she.
    Be not her maide since she is envious,
    Her vestall liverie is but pale and greene,
    And none but fooles doe weare it, cast it off.
    She speakes, but she sayes nothing. What of that?
    Her eye discourseth, I will answere it.
    I am too bold, tis not to me she speakes,
    Two of the fairest starres in all the skies,
    Having some busines, doe entreat her eyes
    To twinckle in their spheares till they returne.
    What if her eyes were there, they in her head,
    The brightnes of her cheekes would shame those stars:
    As day-light doth a Lampe, her eyes in heaven,
    Would through the airie region streame so bright,
    That birdes would sing, and thinke it were not night.
    Oh now she leanes her cheekes upon her hand,
    I would I were the glove to that same hand,
    That I might kisse that cheeke.

    (William Shakespeare. The Most Excellent & Lamentable Tragedie of Romeo & Juliet).

    I look as at a picture merely. But it is amusing to look for somebody one knows in a crowd even if one does not want him. It takes off the terrible oppressiveness of being surrounded by a throng and having no point of junction with it through a single individual.

    (Thomas Hardy. The Mayor of Casterbridge. 1886).

    At windows, looking in, looking out, up, down. These images also pummel their way into poetry crept upon by the darkness. Curious as to how these images always come back.

    The view from my own window has never been too pleasant - Except from the window of my childhood. Now I look out for want of reaching out to grasp onto something, anything and if I cannot look out I am bemused, dismayed, it feels like being shut in a box. I look at the aeroplanes in the sky, think of the vastness of God’s Earth and all the people living in it. The age which I share with the great and good of my time. Those I love. Those gone, those yet to come and take our places sharing the same heavenly canopy.

    My windows stay curtained for days on end to blot out the unbearable beauty of daylight and the sun for:

    Sad Memory brings the light
    Of other days around me


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