Sunday, 26 January 2014

Shop Update: Pearl Fishers

All of the items inspired by my last post are now up in the shop. If you click on any of the pictures above it will take you straight there. 

I have also been feeling a bit guilty as my Instagram has been getting a lot more action than this here little blog! 
So for anyone who doesn't have or use Instagram, here are some of the 'behind the scenes' pictures I have been sharing of my studio and work space. 

Feel free to contact me regarding any of the items for sale or even just to say hello! You may have noticed that I have changed my contact email, so big apologies to anyone who's messages may have got lost in the transaction!  Please resend them and I will certainly reply. 

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  1. Gorgeous items as per usual ma lady xxx

  2. Good work. You have got a nice etsy store.

  3. You're really beautiful, and your long dark locks are very much envy-worthy


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