Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Black Cloche...Black Cat

 Okay so perhaps he is Grey, but I won't tell if you don't!? 

Yes!...That is a Cat on my umbrella! 

A special leaving present from all those beautiful friends at Beyond Retro (past and present). 
So now my dream of owning a 'world famous James Smith & Sons' brolly is a reality and I really can not express how grateful I am for such a thoughtful and touching gift! 

Thank you all for giving me so many amazing experiences, happy memories and fabulous friends. My time with you was a highlight of my London living and now every time it rains I will think of you. 

Photographs by Craig at The Russell-Cotes Museum

I am wearing: 
'Black (Grey) Cat Umbrella: James Smith & Sons, London
Black 1920's Cloche Hat ~ Black 1930's Velvet Chinoiserie Cape } Beyond Retro
Black & White 1940's Dress} Etsy
Vegan Shoes: New Look

Instagram: @aharemofpeacocks

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  1. Aww sweetpea you look lovely and what an absolute golden umbrella, wow! \^.^/ It's so beautiful! I hope you are having a lovely February kitten! So cold! I can not wait for the spring! Love to you and yours xxx

  2. I KNEW it was a James Smith brolly as soon as I saw it. I have browsed there but never bought. What a wonderful gift to have - he's gorgeous. There is nothing quite like a beautiful, proper umbrella. I don't have anything as fancy as a James Smith one but I do take pride in always using a distinct, distinguished full-length umbrella. None of these nasty fold-away things. And a good umbrella makes a walk in the rain the joy that it should be, all the more so if it has associations with loved ones xx

    1. Exactly! Aww I'm so glad someone else recognised a James Smith. Such a special shop. xx

  3. That is the best umbrella handle I have ever seen! I love your hat+cape combination as well. It looks very dramatic and intriguing :)

  4. Ooooh love love LOOHOOOVVEEE!! I so want that umbrella too... and I don't even like umbrellas haha. Love the cloche and total look too bits!

  5. i think you have the best vintage finds collection i've ever seen! that umbrella is breathtaking!

  6. You look fantastic and that brolly is very special indeed!
    Hugs x

  7. The cat detail is to die for! I also love the black velvety cloche hat... Lush! x

  8. you look mesmerising as usual Kelly-Marie! What an amazing gift to have that umbrella, I can't think of a more perfect owner for it. I hope you're doing well!

    Emma x

  9. An absolutely incredible hat, it looks so gorgeous on you, made for you!! I've never seen a cat head on a brolly handle, you wear it all so well :) xx

  10. You look gorgeous in that cloche hat ... and the umbrella ... what a wonderful present!
    Maybe see you at the next Blandford Corn Exchange, Vintage at the Village Hall fair on Mon 24th?
    M x

    1. Yes definitely! I was really hoping you would be there again, i'm so excited! :) xx

  11. You look s gorgeous! So ellegant and beautiful! I wish I would be like you *w* I adore you umbrella sooo much too. Adorable <3


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