Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Furzey Gardens

We visited Furzey gardens and their fairy folk. 

Photos by Craig and myself

We went to see the famous colours of their Azalea season and got completely distracted searching for their Fairy doors, the ' Fairy ferry Company' (above) was my favourite (for obvious reasons), and we were super excited to find the fairy chapel, hidden inside an ('out of bounds') Azalea canopy... Sometimes it pays to be nosey. 

Furzey gardens are a registered charity who do amazing work helping people with Learning Disabilities to learn about the gardens and gain work experience. 
It really is such a special and enchanting place and needs lot's of support from visitors, so if you are planning on coming to the the New Forest make sure you add them into your visit. It's perfect for the little ones and the not so little ones (like us). 
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I am wearing: 
Edwardian Night Dress} Vintage fair ~1940's Hat} Beyond Retro
Vintage Boots } Lipped Love ~ Basket Bag} Car Boot

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  1. This looks like a lovely place to visit, and you dress is a dream!

  2. Such a magical place! The flowers and thatched cottages are so lovely. You look so pretty too (as always) and fit perfectly into the scenery! x

  3. Oh what a magical garden! I love that little fairy chapel. Your outfit is just gorgeous, especially that wonderful hat. Lally X

  4. The theme is cosmological. The garden is mythological the place where Venus meets Adonis; and it is also the garden of generation where all living things are reformed after they have disintegrated.

    (Graham Hough. A Preface to 'The Faerie Qveene'. Duckworth, 1962. 176).

  5. What a lovely place ... yet another to add to my list of places to go ... !
    M x

  6. I am with Vintage Jane, looks like a must to visit next time we are in that area! x


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